5 Things That You Should Be Carrying in Your Purse

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As moms, we tend to carry a lot of things in our purse, which is why mine is huge! In fact, there are way more things in my purse for my kids, than for myself. Even when you think you’ve covered all the basics, here is a list of five things that you might not have thought to pack.


You may want to carry a small first aid kit, but at the very least, a couple of band-aids. I couldn’t count how many times one of us has needed one in the strangest of circumstances. Sometimes it is just a pretend “owwie” that needs love, or a dolly that needs serious medical attention.

Hand Soap and Sanitizer

I know this is technically two things, but they are both very necessary things to have when you have little ones with you. I keep hand sanitizer for my kids, but also for myself, especially after I have changed a nasty diaper and there isn’t a bathroom in sight.

However, if there is a bathroom, there is nothing worse than it being out of hand soap. I keep a small sample bottle of hand soap that I fill up as necessary. Or you can try this skin and hand cleanser spray or these soap sheets that dissolve as you wash.

Number 2 Spray

There are a few different name brands like Unicorn Poop and Poopouri, which both smell delightful, or you can make your own with a few simple ingredients like essential oils and vegetable glycerin. It may be an emergency, or you might have to take a toddler to make a stinky and don’t want to be embarrassed.


Power Bank

I have tried many different backup power sources for our phones and tablets, and this one is by far my favorite! It can charge up to two devices at a time, charges them quickly, and on a full battery, can charge at least 2-3 devices from 0-100%! I love this one so much that I never leave home without it.




Broken straw, missing straw, I have had toddlers have a complete meltdown over both. Heck, I’ve nearly had a meltdown over losing my Starbucks straw. If you keep a spare straw or two in your purse, you will never have to worry about that again.

These are just a few extra things that I keep in my purse that many people might not think to carry. There are definitely more things that you can stuff in there: snacks, baby wipes, spare diapers, Kleenex, ketchup packets…don’t do that, unless you want your purse to look like a crime scene. I keep makeup wipes in my purse too, because my teenage daughter is always doing her makeup in the car on the way to school, and she goes through them like crazy.

What is the strangest thing that you keep in your purse? Are there any essentials that you can think to add to my list? If I add it, I will quote you and include a link to your blog, if you have one!

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