5 Tips For Selling Your Items on Facebook

It is officially decluttering season. Are you excited?! I am! Not only do I get to unload all of the massive amount of needless junk that we have accumulated over the past year, but I get to make a few extra dollars. I give away and throw away a lot too, but the things that are worth something can go into one of the several funds we have. With six kids there is always some unexpected expense that I haven’t allotted for.

I usually sell things online. Sometimes it is on eBay, but generally, it is on Facebook. There are dozens of groups that I can sell on, and I can get cash in hand, much faster. However, selling things on Facebook can be tricky. There isn’t much structure to the Facebook groups and the listings can be chaotic. Your listings can get disappear down the list within in minutes. Here are some tips to help increase visibility of your listings and get them to sell much faster.

Bump Often

If you really want to sell your item quickly, make sure to bump them up to the top of the list every few hours. To do this, you type a small comment, such as “bump” or “.”. You can also use this as an opportunity to add information about the listing. I always delete the previous comment when I add the new one, so that people don’t see a bunch of comments that say, “.”. They might think that I’m desperate to sell my item and try to lowball me with a ridiculous offer.

Cross Post

This means posting in several other Facebook groups. Generally, there are many different selling groups in each locality, so there should be several to choose from. Sometimes there are different groups based on types of items. For instance, if you are trying to sell baby or kid items, there may be a group or two that caters to these specific items. But this doesn’t mean that you should only post your items in these groups. The more groups, the better.

Answer All Comments and Messages

Sometimes people will try to lowball you or ask questions that you’ve already answered in your ad or a previous comment. Sometimes it may feel tedious, but the more you interact with your post, the more people will be able to view it.

Take Clear Pictures

Try using a one color background and make sure that your item is the star of the show! Pictures are what draw prospective buyers in. The better your pictures look, the more you will get for your item. Take pictures of each individual item so that you can see them clearly. Try not to use one picture to sell multiple items.

Share, Share, Share!

Share your posts wherever you can. Make them visible so that your friends can share them too. What are friends for, right? If you post in a public group, you can share it to your wall, and don’t forget to add it to the Marketplace. Facebook has really make it easy to get the most visibility for your items.

Do you have a great tip for selling items on Facebook? Comment below. If I post your idea, I will add you name to this post, and a link to your blog, if you have one.

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