5 Ways to Workout For Free

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If you knew me, I would be the last person you would think that would go to the gym everyday, but after my doctor put me on steroids and I gained 50 lbs in record time, I thought I would give it a go. I told myself I was getting the membership for the daycare and the cool massage chairs, which I do use, but I also work out 2 hours a day, and love the time to myself. After my mind cleansing workout, I take the kids to the indoor pool and jacuzzi for some family fun time. Who knew I would actually enjoy a gym?

I know that joining a gym can be expensive, but maintaining our physical health can not only  give us more energy, but also the mental clarity we need to take on the rest of our motherly duties. For me, exercising is time to be with myself. I brainstorm, listen to audiobooks, visualize blog posts, etc. when I work out. It gives me time in my day that I didn’t think I had before.

So how do you fit exercise into your day on the cheap? The good news is that some gym memberships cost as little as $10 a month, but there are plenty of other ways to exercise without shelling out money you don’t have in your budget to spend on fitness.

Ask A Friend

Working out with a friend is fun, but what is even better is if that friend can bring a guest to their gym. My gym allows us to bring a guest, for free, on the weekends. Some gyms allow you to take a guest on any day or during certain hours. Talk to your friends and see who has a membership that allows them to bring free guests, and offer to tag along. You can keep each other motivated.

Volunteer to Earn Classes

My local Jazzercise program offers free classes to people who babysit for a couple of classes a week. Look for local fitness classes that aren’t attached to a gym (recreation center, church, or other community center) and see if you can earn free classes by volunteering.


There are tons of free workout videos, yes professional ones, on YouTube. Check out channels like Fitness Blender for great workout videos, and best of all, they are free! I really wish streaming services like Hulu and Netflix would offer fitness videos, but as of this writing, they don’t. YouTube is a great source, though. There are other online sources that offer online trials, but Fitness Blender at YouTube is 100% free.

Use That Library Card

Most libraries offer free DVDs to borrow with your free library card. At my local library, there are tons of workout videos. Check them out. Most libraries allow you to see their catalog and put them on hold online. You may be able to find yoga or Zumba videos, cardio workouts, and many more.

Grab a Buddy and Get Out There

It could be a friend that has similar fitness goals to you, your husband or partner, your children, or another family member, but having a fitness buddy can help keep you motivated. You can go for a walk or to the park to work out. Check MeetUp for groups that practice Tai Chi, Yoga, or similar fitness activities. If you can’t find one, you could try starting one.

There are so many ways to make fitness a priority, even when doing it on the cheap. Got a great fitness tip? Leave it in the comments. If t I add it to this post, I will credit you and link to your blog, if you have one!

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