My Favorite Beauty Boxes

My Favorite Beauty Boxes

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I absolutely love Beauty Boxes! I have half a dozen beauty box subscriptions, plus the ones that I purchase separately. Some people might think that they are a luxury, but here is the thing, I don’t buy makeup or skincare products (unless I find a REALLY great coupon/sale) outside of what comes in those little boxes. They are great! Plus, many of the boxes offer points for rating the products in the boxes and you can earn even more free stuff! Some of them even offer referrals, so you can earn free boxes. Yay!

The quality of the products is great in these boxes, and there are things I would never be able to afford without them. Last month, I received 2 pairs of eye masks that retail for $400 for a box of 12! The box itself was $21 and that was just one of the great products in there! I share them with my daughter too, which is fun. We love looking forward to the boxes every month. Here is a list of the boxes that I purchase regularly, along with the price.

Ipsy Glambag  – $10

This trendy subscription bag is great, and tailored to your tastes. I love collecting these bags! I even got my daughter her own subscription, because I was tired of her stealing my bags and the great stuff inside. Ipsy Glambags have high quality products, usually five products each month.


Birchbox – $10 

I love Birchboxes. Sure, there is no bag (there is a cute little box) but 5-6 high quality products for $10 isn’t bad! This was the first box that I subscribed to. It was an addiction that I’m glad I developed! I don’t know how much I have saved from starting these subscriptions, but I know it is a lot.

Glossybox – $21 

This one is twice as expensive, but well worth it. It is filled with full size products, and my favorite monthly box. I love that I can review my products online and earn money in their online store. Even the box is high quality. I keep them for storage. This is the box that I got the Diamond Select Anti-Gravity Spark Eye Masks that retail for $400 for 12 masks.

BoxyCharm – $21

I love this box for the makeup, mostly. I get high quality pallets that are worth $40-$50. They keep disappearing though. I usually find them in one of my daughters’ makeup bags. All of Boxycharm items are full size and each box is worth over $100. 

Walmart Beauty Box – $5 (shipping, box is free)

This may be the most underwhelming of all the boxes, but it is free, and they charge $5 for shipping. I have gotten quite a few cool things in these boxes, but they are mostly samples. It is a seasonal subscription box, so it comes every few months.

Target Beauty Box – $10

These boxes are available once a month. There is no subscription service for them, but I wish there was, because they are first come, first serve. I love the little bag that I got in the December box.

Amazon Luxury Beauty Box – $19.99

Why would you NOT buy this? Not only is it $19.99 for a large box of samples (my last one had over 20 samples in it), but you get a beauty credit in the same amount as the box, to use on future purchases. I used mine to buy this amazing Marvis Jasmin Mint toothpaste I’m obsessed with, but have a hard time justifying purchasing and some Mustela PhysiObebe No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid that I bought for the baby. 


FabFitFun – $50

This is my favorite box! It is the most expensive, BUT it is a seasonal box and only comes every 3 months. It does have over $200 worth of cool stuff though, and isn’t limited to makeup, skincare, and hair care. I also got a really cool ModCloth blanket scarf that I adore and a coffee travel mug that says, “Good Morning Gorgeous” I use it them both nearly every day. The Marrakesh oil is my favorite hair oil too. It smells heavenly!
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