How to Save Money on Scent Boosters

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I love scent boosters. At first, I thought they were a completely needless addition to an already efficient laundry routine, but I am a sucker for scent. I like everything to smell nice, including my laundry. How do we know when laundry is dirty? If when we pick it up and smell it, it doesn’t have that nice, clean scent.


Everyone is different and wants their laundry to smell different. For some, they love the scent of laundry detergent, lavender, or “spring rain”.  Whatever your preference, we all like our clothes, towels, blankets, and kids’ stuffed animals to smell nice, right?

You can either buy or make your own scent boosters. Buying them is quicker and easier, but making your own saves money and you can tailor them to your own personal choice. Plus, it is a nice feeling when you’ve made something yourself. I love it!

When I first saw scent boosters, I was appalled at how much they cost! They are about $10 for a bottle that doesn’t seem to last very long in this house. My first thought was, no way I am buying these things! Then, I received a few samples and really liked them. I even used them in place of scented wax in my wax warmer. So, I found ways to get them cheaper. Here are a few things your can do to save money on scent boosters.


Yes, this might seem simple and obvious. However, where do you find the coupons you need? Well, once a month P&G has coupons in the Sunday paper that possibly contain coupons for Downy Unstopables, Gain Fireworks , or Bounce Bursts . You can also find coupons on the PG Everyday website  and The only place I have been able to find coupons for Dreft Blissfuls  (They make the baby’s laundry smell amazing!) is from baby samples, like the freebies you get when you sign up for a baby registry or get a 4D ultrasound. I saved up a bunch that I got at the hospital to buy them for my baby.

Don’t forget that most stores allow you to combine manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons.  My favorite store to coupon at is Target. You can combine store coupons or mobile coupons with manufacturer’s coupons and use the Cartwheel app for even more savings. I also earn gift cards on Shopkick or mobee (you can use my referral code MZ3B) while I’m shopping to use on my purchases. Also, Target has frequent deals where if you buy a certain number of scent boosters, you earn a gift card back! You can combine this with all the other offers. Keep an eye out at Hip2Save blog for deals on them as well. She also has a great tutorial and videos on couponing.


I’m not talking about paying full price for things on Amazon. Sometimes there are great deals on Amazon for products as add on items, which means they ship free with a qualifying $25 order. For instance, I bought these Snuggle Lavender Joy Scent Boosters  (these are my personal favorite!) for $5.94 for 56 scent pacs (price may change), $6.97-$8.72 for Prime Pantry (ships for $5.99 per Prime Pantry box). At, they sell for $6.99 per tub.

The Add-On program is a great way to get products at a cheaper price, especially when you have over $25 worth of things that you were already planning on purchasing.

Homemade Scent Booster

Making homemade scent boosters is extremely easy and only requires two ingredients: essential oil and epsom salt. The amount is up to you. The more essential oil in the epsom salts (about 2 cups of epsom salt in a mason jar mixed with 30-60 drops oil) the stronger the scent will be. However, to be honest, they will never be as potent as store bought. They are, however, natural and non-toxic. I like to combine vanilla  and lavender, but you can use orange, lemongrass, or any other scent you like.
Scent boosters are great addition to your laundry routine, but they can be expensive. I hope these tips helped. Are there any additional things that you do to save money on them? Write them in the comments. If I add your tip, I will post a link to your blog if you have one.

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