Live Beyond Your Means

I know what you might be thinking. This blog is about saving money and making money, why are we talking about living beyond our means? Well, the answer is simple: You deserve it! As the CEO of your household, you deserve to be treated like the boss. You deserve spa days, and to look and feel your best. Denying ourselves our wants, make us look like martyrs to our children, and who wants that? Do we want our children to remember us like that or for them to feel that way when they are parents? Of course not! We want them to see how happy and content we are, and how rewarding being a parent is. So where does the money come from? How do we lighten our load so that we have the time and energy to devote to being a great mom? Well, the answer to the latter is simple: teach, then delegate.

Teach And Delegate

For years, I did everything myself. I thought it was faster and easier if I just did it. I got it done my way, and there weren’t complaints. Well, as my family grew, it became harder and harder to keep up. My teens didn’t want to pull their weight, and the babies still needed all the love and attention that I could possibly give them.

So, the first step is to teach your children how to take care of the household. What happens if something happens to you? I know that is not a pleasant thought, but it happened to me. My health fell, and I was in the hospital. What I came home to was chaos. This isn’t what I wanted my children to be learning from me. How could I have been so silly to think that they had been watching me and would just step up when I couldn’t fulfill my duties? I never taught them properly what their roles were. I didn’t want to hear the whining and complaining, so I did whatever I could to avoid that.

Cleaning House (affiliate link) helped me with this process. I really liked her methods, and her rewards system was effective. However, depending on the ages of your kids, just expecting more, and teaching them household duties, can help ease the burden of having to single-handedly take care of an entire household. They are all members of the same household, and everyone should have their role in taking care of it. As the CEO, you get to decide what those roles are. With 6 kids and a husband, I don’t think that I should have to do much of the cleaning or cooking (which I do love and continue to do when I have time) because I have enough responsibility. I have little ones, my blog, kids to take to and from school, field trips, and everything else I need to do. Certainly someone else can mop the floor and clean the toilet. I also don’t think I should feel guilty about wanting a manicure and a cute purse once in awhile.

Yes, You Deserve it!

Which brings us to the first question: where does the money come from? You do so much work; you deserve perks. There are so many ways your can earn extra money, even with your phone! You can also take a look at your budget and see what you can do to improve upon it and find extra money. You can start a savings with found money or start your own blog! I am also a firm believer in couponing to drastically reduce household and grocery costs, freeing up that money to spend on things you and your family desire.

Personal Thoughts

You may wonder why I think I deserve to have nice things, when I could be spending all the money on my children. Well, that is exactly what I used to do. My clothes were all hand-me-downs or from a thrift store/garage sale. I didn’t wear makeup, and tried to cater to my kids’ every whim. It was hard! I love to see how happy they are when I buy them things, but what was that teaching them? All they have to do is ask, and I make it happen. They didn’t see the work that went into getting them what they wanted, and I was making it too easy. I still do what I can, but I make them participate. They help me with couponing, saving money, and learn how to make things that we need.

Make It Yourself!

One of my favorite teaching opportunities benefit my budget and my beauty routine. Teaching my daughters how to make our own beauty products. I have written about a few of them, like bath salts, lip scrub, body scrub, and lip balm. My personal favorite fragrances are lavender and vanilla, so most of the things that I write about use those fragrances, but the great thing about essential oils (affiliate link), is that your can tailor the recipes to whatever you like, such as lemon or jasmine. I absolutely love essential oils!
So there you have it! You deserve to live beyond you means, and you can definitely not only justify it, but achieve it without guilt. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below! I will do my best to answer in a timely manner, and if I add your suggestion to my post, I will include your name and  blog link, if you have one.

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