Making Money (or Something close to it) on Listia

Making Money With Listia

(well, almost money)

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My Favorite Auction Site

Listia is my favorite auction site. I began listing items on this website and app a few years back, then stopped, but my addiction has since returned. It is a great way to give away unwanted items. This is a points based site, and the points are exchanged like cash for items through auctions.  There is also a GIN (Get It Now) option, which is much like eBay’s Buy It Now option.

Points, Not Cash

There are other ways to earn points too, like completely goals and other tasks. You can refer friends, but that bonus is very small. The big money (or points) is in auction off items. I suggest offering free shipping, because most people won’t even look at your item if they have to pay for anything. Things that are cheap to ship or that can be delivered digitally (MyCokeRewards, Redbox Codes, gift cards, etc.) are the most profitable, because you do not have to pay for shipping.

Have Fun

Get the kids in on the fun too. Have them help you sort your items, take pictures, pack items to ship, and even list the items. Take advantage of that free labor while you can! I offer my kids incentives for helping me with things like that, as well as entering rewards codes into websites (my eyes aren’t what they used to be), and it helps me out a ton.

If you plan to use Listia a lot, I would recommend buying a postal scale, like the one I have here. I own this scale, and it works well. Make sure to write the name and address clearly on the packages or you can print the labels directly from your computer from the app.

Be courteous to other Listers and make sure to answer any questions they have. They will be leaving feedback, so being courteous and shipping promptly will encourage better feedback.  If you only plan on shipping once or twice a week, make that clear in your auction, because some people expect prompt shipping.

If you would like to join, be sure to use my referral code BCBBBH or click on the link here. You will get 1000 credits just for joining!

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